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Wyldheart is a beautiful and massive land with mountains, fields, flourishing forest, all surrounded by water. It was only 1,300 years ago that intelligent races found this place and began to colonise it. The first Pilgrims were the Wood Elves, these Elves swiftly moved to the great forests of this land and named it Wyldheart.

It was between 500AC and 1000AC that the other races moved into the land, which remained almost unchanged since the Wood Elves appeared, as they live off the land happily and always return something as a thanks. Unlike the Wood Elves who lived in small settlements, the other races built towns and cities, destroying the landscape as they did so.

The Wood Elves seemed to disappear, but that was not the case. In the year 1200AC (only a small time for an Elf) the attacks begun. They destroyed the towns and cities of the other races, demanding they respect Wyldheart or leave it. That is how The Cursus Wars Began, the kind and gentle Wood Elves defending the forests and wildlife which they came to love.

The Elves brought in their kin, the High Elves and Dark Elves, the Dwarves asked the [[Halflings] and Gnomes for assistance, the Humans brought with them the Dragonborn and Thiefling (which were slaves at the time).

After 100 years of war, the leaders of all the races met and discussed the situation. They decided to alliance themselves to stop all the killing. Each race agreed on laws which all of Wyldheart must follow in order to keep peace, something the humans did not appreciate as one law was to make slavery illegal, they had to free all slaves. There are few laws, but they are there to ensure the races can live in harmony with one another.

There is now the High Council, which consists of a Wood Elf, a Human and a Dwarf and meet once every year to discuss the happenings of each race and any changes that need to be implemented. Below them is the Council which consists of all other of the races.

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