The Curses War

The Curses War was a war that lasted 100 years, between 1200AC and 1300AC.

This war began when the Wood Elves brought in their kin, the High Elves and Dark Elves and started to attack the other races towns and cities. The reason for these attacks is because the other races where disrespecting the lands and the Elves would not sit by idly as the land was being destroyed.

The Humans made their slaves (the Dragonborn and Tiefling) to fights alongside them. The Dwarves asked the little races (Gnomes and Halflings) for assistant in this war. After 100 years of bloodshed a meeting between2 XXXX a Wood Elf, XXXX a Human and XXXX a Dwarf happened, during this meeting they agreed to stop all fighting.

Soon after they met again and agreed on laws that all of Wyldheart must adhere to in order to keep peace.

The Curses War

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